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"I loved participating in the program. Not intimidating at all. It was truly like a guide to my body, things I never knew about or had time to study the science behind. It was just enough info that I felt like I could master it. I feel like I got a world of knowledge from someone who has done all the research for me and has had similar experiences. Lots of learning and great changes for my body and a great investment in ME! I have value and I'm worthy of taking care of myself."

"Healing with Food: Blood Sugar Balance" program

"Amy guided me through an eliminated diet last fall. She gave me a clear program to follow, was very patient with me, and responded quickly to my questions. I felt very supported by Amy's encouragement when I was struggling and wanting to eat something off plan. I ended up losing 13 lbs! Thanks Amy!"

"Finding Your Bio-Individual Diet" program

"Amy was the first person in my life to suggest looking into food sensitivities. I laughed at her, but decided to follow her direction. She was right. With her guidance and encouragement to learn for myself, I have been working on healing my gut and body. I have seen good things happen and look forward to more!" 

1:1 client program

"When you work with Amy, her passion for helping others in their health struggles is obvious. She is driven by her own challenging health experiences, so she knows what it's like to have deeper questions about why a condition is occurring. She will listen and put her full efforts toward evaluating what is going on with your body and come up with a plan to address the issues. I felt like she really desired to resolve or greatly improve my issues. I appreciated her efforts very much."

"Finding Your Bio-Individual Diet" program

"Working with Amy was just what I needed! She recommended labs for me and then broke it down to make it so easy to understand. Being chronically sick can be overwhelming enough, so it was great to have someone that was knowledgeable and that I could trust helping me get the information that my body needs to heal. She is full of great information and made me feel empowered and hopeful in my wellness journey!"

Lab Review client

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